Lumina Authoring Publishing System (LAPS)

To enhance publishing efficiencies, technology, and automation must work together to deliver a highly dynamic publishing workflow. Whether bound books, loose-leaf publications, or newsletters, publishing workflows must manage complex processes, which include adhering to guidelines prescribed by publishers, working closely with authors to finalize the content, and driving the entire production process to ensure content delivery across print and digital platforms.

These inherent process complexities often lead to challenges related to author management, production delays, and coordination issues across multiple workflow tracks, which result in cost overruns. The workflow management system must be able to deal with all these challenges, ensure on-time deliveries, content integrity, and transparency, and facilitate collaboration between the vendor, author, and publisher.


This is where LAPS comes in.
LAPS is a unique configurable production workflow management system for books, loose-leaf publications, and newsletters with a built-in authoring tool and a robust project management and tracking system.

LAPS workflow


  • Configurable BPM framework for workflow customization
  • Ability to handle books, loose-leaf publications, and newsletters/magazines workflows
  • Processing unique loose-leaf requirements
  • Define stages and roles
  • System-driven email notifications on the completion of each stage
  • Automated follow-up reminders for effective project management
  • Available in both off-line and online versions
  • Real-time and specific status reports


  • Streamline the complete production process
  • Minimize human interaction and  improve quality of deliverables
  • Processes only the affected pages in revision workflows
  • Has Word-like editor features
  • Enable faster time to market
  • Optimize cost of publishing

Case Study

Automating the Content Acquisition and Workflow Management Process for a Legal Publisher

Automating the Content Acquisition and Workflow Management Process for a Legal Publisher

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