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Businesses often face various technological challenges in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. Legacy systems may hamper progress while adapting to new technologies and marketplaces can be risky and alarming. Small publishers and retailers usually need help to meet technology demands. Besides, quality assurance (QA) remains a critical and resource-intensive task. The technology sector is complex, and finding a suitable, trusted partner to navigate these challenges can be difficult.

 At Lumina Datamatics, we can help you conquer the technological obstacles that impede your growth and success. Our comprehensive technology services are designed to empower your business and drive innovation.



Our dynamic consulting services team comprises over 100+ developers proficient in various technologies such as DotNet, Java, PHP, XML, Javascript, Node.JS, MEAN, MERN, LAMP, MongoDB, mySQL, MSSQL, AWS, Azure, etc. With extensive experience in Publishing and eCommerce domains, we offer support across different engagement models including staff augmentation, GCC, BOT, ODC, etc. Our well-defined delivery and governance model have contributed to the successful completion of technology projects for three of the top five publishers and two of the top five e-retailers, enhancing quality, speed, and cost optimization.



Don’t let obsolete technology hold you back. Our team of experts will support your legacy technology investments while guiding you toward future-proof solutions. Our technology support and modernization division comprises Architects, PMs, QA, Developers, and IT staff. We specialize in maintaining and enhancing clients’ legacy technolgy investments while crafting actionable modernization roadmaps. Clients rely on our domain expertise to navigate rapidly evolving technology landscapes and identify cost-effective migration strategies away from outdated systems. For instance, we assisted a major publisher in transitioning their CMS from MarkLogic to Alfresco, enabling them to retire over 10 systems simultaneously. Our services allow clients to transition critical systems swiftly and affordably, reducing resource dependencies and empowering staff to focus on growth initiatives.



We offer on-demand QA and QA automation services, ensuring the highest quality for your software products while minimizing potential risks and errors. Our QA team, which comprises over 50 members, offers IVV (Independent Vendor Validation) and TOD (Testing on Demand) services. With a minimum of 5 years’ experience in manual and automated testing, they possess SME expertise in Publishing (proofing, editorial, workflows, pagination, etc.) and eCommerce (item setup, catalog management, image conversion, etc.). In addition to technical proficiency, the team excels in QA best practices. Clients engage these services for impartial third-party perspectives on their projects/processes. This team plays a vital role in not only identifying critical bugs but also providing insights into standard QA metrics (defect ratios, regression trends, etc.), facilitating quick issue pinpointing and remediation.



We have a multi-location 70+ members IT services team skilled in AWS, Azure, GCP, VMWare, Nutanix, Fortinet, CrowdStrike, Microsoft, ServiceNow, etc. We cater to various engagement models, including dedicated resources, NOC services, ITIL L1/L2 support, and IT consulting. Our offerings often encompass IT cloud migration, cloud hosting, and support services. Clients experience notable advantages such as enhanced uptimes and streamlined issue management.



Our small publisher support service caters specifically to the requirements of small publishers. These firms typically manage 5-10 journals with highly specialized content, such as heavy mathematical or significant TeX requirements, and serve smaller yet more demanding user bases, often operating under tighter budgets. Clients who partner with us observe substantial cost savings within the initial 3-4 months. More significantly, they gain access to an extended technology team equipped with ready-made tools for optimizing workflows and enhancing author experiences across authoring, proofing, editorial, pagination, composition, workflows, portals, etc.

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