ADAT – Automated Data Aggregation Tool


The common challenge faced by ecommerce companies is aggregating a large amount of data to quickly analyze trends and identify products and seller information. The problems in data aggregation are no less daunting. Validating the extracted data and calculating time and& energy spent takes a substantial amount of timecritical during selling seasons. Moreover, the data extraction toolsets need to be customized for each activity to ensure the data is accurate and consistent. 

Lumina Datamatics has built a robotic process automation (RPA) tool, the Automated Data Aggregation Tool (ADAT), to achieve what conventional tools can’t. ADAT automates almost the entire  web scraping and data extraction process. It also handles the matching and scraping steps simultaneously to ensure the overall turnaround time is brought minimized without cutting corners on data quality. This robust system is adept at identifying issues much early in the process rather than at the matching steps. 


Once data is mined, the system has checks and balances to ensure no wrong information is populated in specific fields. If there is such an instance, the system automatically understands and extracts the data again, decreasing the quality assurance time for the process. The system is evolved to understand data interdependence on other fields and data points so that the data extracted is conditional and not just robotic. 


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