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Peer review management through Lumina Datamatics’ platform streamlines the entire process, ensuring efficiency and transparency. From initial submission to final decision, our system facilitates seamless communication between authors, reviewers, and editors. Manuscript completeness checks are conducted upon submission, ensuring that all necessary components are included for thorough review.
Our platform provides intuitive tools for editors to assign reviewers, track progress, and manage deadlines effectively. Reviewers can access manuscripts securely, submit their evaluations, and engage in constructive dialogue with authors and editors. Through our comprehensive peer review management system, we prioritize quality control, rigorous evaluation, and timely publication.



We are a trusted partner for managing society journals, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline the publication process while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our expertise in journal management covers all aspects of editorial, production, and distribution, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. From manuscript submission and peer review management to copyediting, typesetting, and online publishing, Lumina Datamatics provides end-to-end solutions.



We place a strong emphasis on collaboration with stakeholders, recognizing that meaningful engagement with clients, partners, and communities is the key to successful project outcomes. Our collaborative approach involves fostering open communication, active involvement, and transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Our talented professionals work closely with stakeholders to understand their unique requirements, goals, and objectives, ensuring that the solutions provided are tailored to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s partnering with businesses to develop custom software applications, assisting educational institutions in curriculum development, or working with publishers to create engaging content, Lumina Datamatics values the insights and contributions of all stakeholders.



We offer pioneering workflow optimization solutions, dedicated to enhancing efficiency and productivity for educational institutions across various sectors. Our expertise lies in identifying bottlenecks and streamlining processes to ensure that tasks are completed with maximum efficiency and ensure minimum waste. Whether it’s automating manual tasks, improving document management, or implementing advanced technology solutions, Lumina Datamatics leverages data-driven insights to drive operational excellence. By customizing our workflow optimization services to meet each client’s unique needs, we empower organizations to reduce costs, enhance the overall quality, and free up valuable resources.



We offer unparalleled expertise that empowers academic and research communities. Our peer review solutions are meticulously designed to facilitate the rigorous evaluation and publication of scholarly content. With a deep understanding of the peer review process, we ensure a seamless and transparent experience for both authors and reviewers. Our platforms provide intuitive interfaces for manuscript submission, peer reviewer management, and content tracking, enhancing the efficiency of the review process. Lumina Datamatics’ peer review solutions are equipped with the latest features and functionalities to meet the evolving needs of the scholarly community.

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