Catering to the vital needs of web accessibility and inclusivity, we offer a crucial service in the form of Alt Text writing and reviewing. Our team of skilled professionals is adept at crafting concise and descriptive alternative text descriptions for images, graphics, and multimedia elements. These Alt Texts ensure that individuals with visual impairments can fully engage with digital content by using screen readers or other assistive technologies. Apart from creating Alt Text, we also rigorously review and fine-tune existing descriptions to meet the highest standards of accuracy and clarity.



While focusing on enhancing the inclusivity and usability of digital content, our expert auditors conduct comprehensive assessments of websites, documents, and multimedia elements to ensure compliance with accessibility standards and regulations, like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These audits identify potential barriers that may hinder individuals with disabilities from accessing and understanding online content. Apart from detecting accessibility issues, we also provide actionable recommendations and solutions for improvement. By offering Accessibility Audits, we empower educational organizations to create a more inclusive digital environment, catering to a broader audience while adhering to legal requirements and best practices in web accessibility.



We provide a valuable Audio/Video Transcript service, contributing to the accessibility and comprehensibility of multimedia content. Our skilled transcriptionists accurately convert spoken words from audio and video files into text, ensuring that the content can be easily understood and navigated by a broader audience. These transcripts serve a dual purpose, assisting individuals with hearing impairments and enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) by making multimedia content searchable and indexable. Our commitment to accuracy and clarity makes our transcription service a valued asset for content creators, organizations, and digital platforms seeking to maximize the reach and impact of their audio and video materials.



Our exclusive Subtitles/Closed Captions service plays an important role in making multimedia content accessible and inclusive. Our dedicated team specializes in creating accurate and synchronized subtitles and closed captions for video and audio materials, ensuring that content is readily comprehensible to individuals with hearing impairments and for viewers in noisy environments. These captions not only comply with accessibility standards, but also enhance the overall user experience. Lumina Datamatics’ commitment to precision and readability makes our Subtitles/Closed Captions service invaluable for content creators, organizations, and digital platforms looking to expand their audience reach and engage with a more diverse viewership while ensuring legal compliance.



We provide a highly specialized Accessible EPUB and XML Conversion service, that showcases our commitment to digital accessibility and content transformation. Our skilled experts meticulously convert various content formats into EPUB and XML formats, ensuring that the resulting documents are not only highly readable, but also compliant with accessibility standards. Our dedication to detail and precision in creating accessible digital content makes our EPUB and XML Conversion service an indispensable asset for those looking to meet regulatory requirements, enhance user experience, and reach a broader, more diverse audience in the digital landscape.



With meticulous attention to detail, we offer a comprehensive Accessible PDF/Word/Excel/PPT service that highlights our commitment to digital inclusivity and content optimization. Our team specializes in transforming various document formats into accessible versions, ensuring compliance with industry standards and accessibility regulations. Whether it’s PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations, we take a proactive approach to make the content usable for individuals with disabilities. By providing accessible versions of these commonly used formats, we ensure that information is readily available to everyone, regardless of their abilities.



We offer a critical service in the form of Web Accessibility Compliance and Remediation. Our experienced team conducts thorough audits of websites, identifying accessibility barriers and non-compliance with standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Once issues are identified, we implement strategic remediation measures, ensuring that websites are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. Apart from promoting inclusivity, this service helps organizations avoid legal complications related to web accessibility. By making websites compliant, we help expand their clients’ reach and engagement with a broader audience.

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How Closed Captioning Make Videos More Accessible<br />

How Closed Captioning Made Videos More Accessible

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