At Lumina Datamatics, we are committed to serve our esteemed customers by leveraging the talent of our diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusive practices are etched in our cultural ethos. We do not discriminate people based on their race, cast, creed, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender or other demographic factors. Such an inclusive culture enables us to tap the immense power of diverse talent, push the boundaries in innovation, improve processes and enhance efficiencies to delight our customers.

Our commitment to provide equal opportunity to our employees starts right from on-boarding talent which permeates throughout the employee life cycle. Diversity is practiced in attracting, nurturing, and developing, engaging and recognizing talent. We value and celebrate the contribution of all our employees who come from diverse background and become a part of our inclusive workforce.

We are committed to preserving a culture of fair and transparent people practices and be an equal opportunity employer. Our employees power us on, and it is through this powerhouse of talent, we delight our customers and gain business acumen.​

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