Did you realize that 20-30% of manuscripts are rejected even before peer review?

With more than 2 million articles published yearly, it becomes imperative to screen for possible language and structural pitfalls upstream in the article publishing process while ensuring research validity prior to publication. Screening such large numbers of articles is labor intensive and a human-only process cannot be completely error-free. This is where MARS comes in. 

MARS is an automated online platform powered by machine learning (ML) to evaluate and score manuscript content and to identify possible errors, generating a manuscript assessment summary assisting authors and publishers to fix possible errors before peer review.

Mars workflow

  • Eliminates the manual process of reviewing manuscripts before peer review
  • Smoothens and enhances acceptance rates post peer review
  • Helps authors meet the initial screening requirements
  • Saves cost for the publisher

“This system clearly addresses the challenges faced by the author as well as the publisher. MARS eliminates the manual pre-screening process for the publisher and relieves stress for the author while streamlining the peer review process and increasing acceptance rates.” 

–Vidur V. Bhogilal, vice-chairman, Lumina Datamatics

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