Product Content Services

eCommerce companies must build a personal connection with their hyper-connected, digitally empowered customers. Lumina Datamatics  as a content service provider (CSP), helps ecommerce retailers to influence customer purchases and to enhance the discoverability of products with unique content, faster categorization, and zero plagiarism.

Categorization And Taxonomy


Our experienced ecommerce operations team optimizes the speed and accuracy of stock-keeping unit (SKU) categorization. Optimize taxonomy to meet customer and business goals, identify incorrectly categorized or uncategorized products, and correctly categorize them.



Product Attribution


A blend of technology and elbow grease from our ecommerce experts enriches product catalogs with speed, scale, and accuracy.



Variant Grouping



We identify and eliminate duplicate listings and identify products that should appear as variant groups.



Content Creation

Our experienced content team creates relevant, optimized content for an informed purchase decision and improves the buying experience by maintaining a consistent brand voice across blogs, product descriptions, and all online content.


Content Enrichment



Adding specifications and enriching product descriptions with missing attributes from trusted sources ensures customer’s confidence in their purchases.




Our experienced copy-editing team brings uniformity in language, grammar, and tone to give customers a consistent experience across your website.

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