Content Moderation Services

In today’s world of user-generated content (UGC), monitored content is king. Social media posts, comments, profile pictures, videos, and audio clips are prone to abuse with objectionable content that turns off users, impacts online brand image and reputation, and leads to a loss in revenue. Lumina Datamatics’ experienced teams and processes constantly monitor, screen, and approve content in compliance with a company’s guidelines. 

While the basic service identifies the noncompliant UGC per guidelines, the need for a rapid review process requires an effective automated moderation tool backed with manual moderation for low-confidence instances.

Our team of experts creates flexible, customized solutions using pre-, post-, and reactive moderation techniques to help manage large-scale content moderation that adheres to defined guidelines.

What Lumina Datamatics can do:

  • Ensure adherence to content policy
  • Audit product content
  • Monitor user interaction for fraud
  • Identify illegal items
  • Monitor video, chat, and product reviews
  • Eliminate hate speech, adult content, and cyberbullying 
  • Identify cases of abuse and harassment 
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