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Our editorial team comprises highly dedicated and experienced professionals whose experiences range from subbing newspapers to editing research work, databases, periodicals, books, and journals. Our editors are drawn from diverse academic disciplines such as law, medicine, finance, science, humanities, journalism, and English literature, with the minimum qualification of a master’s degree. This approach helps us edit any kind of content, efficiently and efficaciously. Editing includes technical, language, and math in addition to document structuring.
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We are specialists in providing high-quality proofreading services that ensure content is accurate and consistent. Our proofreaders are graduates and postgraduates in various specializations and are trained to mark comments using various tools.



We offer a comprehensive suite of Author Management Services that cater to the diverse needs of writers and publishers alike. With a commitment to supporting authors at every stage of their publishing journey, Lumina Datamatics provides expert guidance in manuscript preparation, formatting, and editing, ensuring that the author’s work meets industry standards and is primed for publication. Our experienced team collaborates closely with authors to enhance their content, preserving their unique voices while refining clarity and coherence. Additionally, we assist authors in navigating the complexities of the publishing process, from copyright issues to metadata management.



We provide exceptional developmental editing services that transform raw content into polished, compelling narratives. Our team of experienced editors rigorously evaluates the structure, coherence, and quality of written materials. Going beyond basic proofreading, our service emphasizes flow, clarity, and content impact. Whether refining manuscripts, academic papers, or marketing collateral, our experts customize their approach to meet project-specific needs. We ensure the final product not only adheres to industry standards, but also authentically conveys the author’s intent, making content error-free and engaging.



We offer top-notch project management services including quality control, time management, pre-editing, copy-editing, editorial proofreading, indexing, XML conversion, and more. We act as a central point of communication, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders and guaranteeing that each project adheres to budget constraints and quality benchmarks. With a strong focus on transparency and client satisfaction, Lumina Datamatics’ Project Management services are an indispensable asset for authors and publishers, allowing them to navigate the complex world of publishing with ease and confidence.



Our tabling services are the gateway to an organized, comprehensive, and easily accessible repository of legal knowledge. We specialize in creating and maintaining a diverse range of tables from legal books, ensuring that legal representatives, researchers, law students, lawyers, and professionals in the legal field can effortlessly navigate the intricate landscape of judicial decisions and laws. Lumina Datamatics’ tabling services are designed to empower you with a deeper understanding of legal content while streamlining your search for updated cases, legislation, and statutory materials. Our tabling services include table of cases, table of statutes, tables of other sources, glossary of Chinese and English words, table of subsidiary legislation, table of foreign legislation, table of subsidiary foreign legislation, table of treaties and conventions, table of practice directions, table of other enactments, table of international legislation, and table of abbreviations from legal books.



We provide a comprehensive and essential Indexing service that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the accessibility and usability of written content. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to precision, our expert indexers meticulously create well-organized, informative indexes that serve as a roadmap for readers. Whether it’s a scholarly publication, a reference book, or digital content, Lumina Datamatics ensures that the index is not only accurate but also intuitive, helping users quickly locate and navigate through the material.



Our editorial team comprises experienced editors, professionals, researchers, and content analysts, who add value to the content and uplift the standard of publications by ensuring historical references and statistical data cited are valid and up to date. We handle this process in-house and with the help of freelance associates.



To help clients make intelligent sales decisions, our teams gather industry-specific information from web-based sources and convert it to globally recognized formats that are ready to use. We offer both online and offline services with excellent quality and short turnaround times. These involve data mining, analysis, retrieval, and conversion.

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How a Leading American Legal Publisher Enhanced its Legislative Content

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