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We offer affordable and efficient onshore/offshore content writing services for K–12, higher education, nonfiction books, and legal and retail purposes. The diverse academic and professional backgrounds of our content writing experts give us a distinctive edge in terms of managing projects across different disciplines and subject streams.

We have expertise in:

• Technical writing
• Assessment and test bank creation
• Instructor manual creation and revision
• Scripting workbooks
• Developing training manuals



Our content development and research team are comprised of experienced professionals in the field of web research, content creation, and development for any type of publication. We have specialist teams that focus on different verticals and subjects, and they study and understand the latest trends and research findings, which helps them constantly build on their capabilities. We also take help from subject matter experts and scholars when working on subjects in a highly technical range.



We help publishers create student-centric and relevant learning material and curriculum customized to their needs:

• Providing syllabi and lesson plans.
• Mapping course content to accreditation standards.
• Creating instructor guides and training modules.



We specialize in providing top-tier online program development services, tailored to meet the evolving needs of educational institutions. Our professional experts are dedicated to helping universities and colleges deliver teaching experiences that meet the expectations of both faculty and students. Our core offering revolves around crafting cloud-hosted courses, designed to provide unparalleled accessibility and flexibility. With our services, students can effortlessly access course materials from anywhere, at any time, and on a device of their choice. This empowers them to learn at their own pace, transforming the traditional learning experience into a dynamic, personalized journey.By investing in Lumina Datamatics’ online program development services, universities can create a distinctive brand identity, maintain financial stability, enhance their reach, and achieve academic excellence.



We offer supplement development services that encompass a wide spectrum of tailored solutions, from creating enriching multimedia content to personalized user experiences, thereby boosting user engagement and retention. By leveraging data-driven insights and an iterative approach, Lumina Datamatics ensures that every supplement developed is not only engaging, but also aligned with the unique goals and requirements of its clients.



We provide exceptional developmental editing services that transform raw content into polished, compelling narratives. Our team of experienced editors rigorously evaluates the structure, coherence, and quality of written materials. Going beyond basic proofreading, our service emphasizes flow, clarity, and content impact. Whether refining manuscripts, academic papers, or marketing collateral, our experts customize their approach to meet project-specific needs. We ensure the final product not only adheres to industry standards, but also authentically conveys the author’s intent, making content error-free and engaging.



Our experienced subject-matter experts create effective assessments for students from pre-12 to higher education that foster favorable learning outcomes. This includes instructional design, prototyping and testing, design and layout, assessment, and remediation.



We offer instructional design services that encompass the entire spectrum of educational content from curriculum development to e-learning modules and multimedia-rich training materials. With a focus on learner-centric design, we prioritize the alignment of content with learning objectives, ensuring that the educational material is not only informative, but also engaging and interactive. Our team of instructional designers works collaboratively with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create customized learning solutions that cater to various industries, from corporate training to academic institutions. Moreover, we excel in script development with a talented team of scriptwriters. Hence, we specialize in crafting compelling and engaging scripts for various media formats, including television, film, radio, podcasts, and corporate videos. Our commitment to understanding the client’s unique requirements ensures that the scripts are not only well-written, but also aligned with the intended message and audience.



We are a recognized leader in the field of standards, correlations, and tagging, providing comprehensive solutions that empower businesses and educational institutions to organize and align their content effectively. Our expertise in metadata tagging and content classification ensures that data is structured, making it easily searchable and accessible. This is particularly crucial for educational institutions, as Lumina Datamatics can correlate educational content with specific standards and curriculum, simplifying the process of mapping educational objectives. Our services also extend to various industries, allowing content to meet specific industry standards and regulations. With meticulous attention to detail, Lumina Datamatics’ standards, correlations, and tagging services ensure that content is not only well-organized but also fully compliant with the requirements of the respective field.



We excel in providing meticulous content quality and accuracy review services, offering a vital layer of assurance to organizations across various industries. Our dedicated team of content experts, editors, and subject matter specialists meticulously assess and scrutinize content to ensure it meets the highest standards of accuracy, relevance, and quality. Whether it’s academic materials, technical documents, marketing collateral, or web content, Lumina Datamatics’ commitment to precision guarantees that all information is error-free, up-to-date, and aligned with the intended message and audience.

Case Study

How a Leading Publisher of Encyclopedias Brought All of its Publications into One-Fold

How a Leading Publisher of Encyclopedias Brought All of its Publications into One-Fold

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