Competitor Intelligence Services

eCommerce companies need a large amount of competition data to take informed decisions to stay ahead and have repeat purchases from customers. A few services to keep you ahead in the rat race.

Price, Stock And Promotion Monitoring And Intelligence

Have a constant flow of competition information to implement a pricing strategy. Identify price point gaps in specific categories and stock-out alerts for your own assortment, site wide or at a product level.


Competitor Identification

Emulate human behavior on search engines, to identify true competitors for a specific product category or type.



Delivery Promise

Benchmark delivery speed and cost across categories and geographies. Map competitor delivery timelines to create marketplace standards for delivery schedules in specific categories.



Assortment And Brand Gap Analysis


Identify assortment gaps and fortify exclusive brands and products. Compare and identify gaps in assortment across multiple competitors at a macro (brand) or micro (product) level.



Buy Box Winner

Identify sellers with high potential and report Buy Box winners in specific categories.



Geo Specific Product Availability

Identify geo-specific focus categories and products then audit and map product availability across zip codes to understand strengths in specific geographies.

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