Data Aggregation

eCommerce companies need bespoke data aggregation methods that aid in channel partner management, sentiment analysis, gauging brand value and customer loyalty, demand analysis, gray market monitoring and policing, reviews monitoring, and customer services.

Lumina Datamatics uses multiple web scraping techniques leveraged with years of ecommerce experience to give exciting insights for making business and strategic decisions.

To project demand for specific products or categories in a specific month, ecommerce companies use multiple data points, including sales figures, weather forecasts, competitors’ readiness, and historical data to discover trends in consumption patterns and hence demand forecast.

Similarly, sellers or channel partners should be monitored for minimum advertised price (MAP) violations; selling gray-market products or counterfeit products.

eCommerce companies also monitor social media reviews to understand sentiments on brands and improve customer services.

Lumina Datamatics’ data aggregation service makes these solutions possible!

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