e-BOT is a Word-based structuring and editorial tool that automates the editorial process with regards to pre-editing and copyediting. e-BOT has several versatile features that collectively empower it to revolutionize the editorial process, offering efficiency, accuracy, and customization in content structuring and editing across various document types.

ebot workflow


  • Automatically structures content based on predefined rules
  • Seamlessly integrates within the Word Ribbon environment
  • Applicable across various formats such as books, journals, and legal products
  • Offers configurable functionalities
  • Utilizes advanced technology to execute tasks with minimal time and streamlines the editorial workflow


  • BOT structuring (server-based)
  • Word Ribbon environment for better user experience
  • Implemented across books, journals, and legal products
  • Configurable functionalities
  • Advanced technology for minimal execution time
  • Implementation of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML)
  • Wide range of reusable components for quicker development (2,200+ rules)
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