Anti-Sexual Harrasment Policy

Anti-Sexual Harassment policy applies to all employees who are employed in permanent or temporary, probationary, part time or working as a consultant or on a voluntary basis or engaged through an agent or contractor with Lumina Datamatics Limted (“The Company”).

This policy aims at deploying an effective sexual harassment complaint resolution mechanism and defines the unaccepted social interactions & provides a resolution mechanism through a robust framework in order to prevent sexual harassment at workplace.

This policy outlines the spirit behind the company’s approach in bringing absolute transparency in communications as regards its policies. Therefore, personnel covered by this policy are expected to respect the rules and standard procedures governing this policy. Where circumstances are abnormal or situations not anticipated or defined in this policy arise, such matters should be referred to the HR Department for resolution in a matter that is consistent with the whole aim and spirit of this policy.

Deviation to this policy in any form will not be entertained and will be viewed seriously.

This policy supersedes all other policies, procedures and practices prevalent on this subject till date. The company reserves the right to add to, alter to, amend or cancel this policy at its discretion.

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