Lumina Datamatics is committed to fostering a positive employer-employee relationship and nurturing a culture that keeps our employees happy, their work enjoyable, challenging and fulfilling. We inculcate in our employees values such as trust, pride and camaraderie that help them to perform collaboratively with common values, beliefs and understanding.

We keep our workplace vibrant and employees engaged through various initiatives. A few such activities are as follows.

Annual Achievers Awards

Skill development programs are offered through relevant internal and external training sessions, stressing specific competencies and job responsibilities, including professional development like continuing education courses.
On-the-job coaching and development opportunities are provided, so that employees can broaden their perspectives, gain a better understanding of our diverse businesses and develop along with the company.

Annual Achievers Awards

Sports Day

The Company encourages and provides opportunities for its employees to participate in inter-company sporting competitions. In addition, Sports Day events are conducted to enable employees to participate in various sporting activities and showcase their prowess in sports and games. These events help employees to keep themselves physically fit and break work monotony. It also infuses virtues of teamwork, decision making, and leadership. In essence, these are essential team-building exercises that contributes to the growth of the company.


Fun & Joy at Work

We create an energetic and engaging workplace by unleashing a slew of activities which infuse fun and joy at work. This results in creating a pleasant work environment. Such activities boost employee morale and enable them to perform better. The ‘cheer leaders’ among employees volunteer to become members of ‘Synergy’ team; a cross-functional committee, which spearheads and rolls out various high energy ‘fun & joy at work’ initiatives at regular intervals to keep the workplace vibrant and enjoyable.

Fun & Joy at Work


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