Workforce Management Services

Businesses worldwide are increasingly becoming multilocation and multichannel or omnichannel. This continuous change demands an integrated set of processes that optimizes and streamlines employee productivity across the organization. This is where a good workforce management (WFM) strategy plays a crucial role, by forecasting labor requirements effectively and creating and managing staff schedules to accomplish tasks at planned intervals.

Lumina Datamatics provides WFM with a service-oriented approach to optimize your workforce, improve processes, and monitor and report metrics, all to ensure that your business goals are always met. Our expert team is skilled in multiple WFM solutions such as NICE, Alveria, LiveVox, and Five9. 



  • Create forecasting models using mathematical and statistical techniques.
  • Develop forecasting models based on level, trend, and seasonality.
  • Use enhanced algorithms and automation to predict volumes down to half-hourly intervals based on historical trends.
  • Forecast using R, Python, and Excel.


  • Optimize resource delivery by identifying new hire requirements and deploying resources with the right skills.
  • Recommend schedule framework by factoring in resource availability and trends.
  • Plan for contingencies in case of resource shortages and provide recommendations to operations.
  • Perform comprehensive statistical analysis to develop strategic recommendations for leadership.


  • Prepare the resource schedule as per the forecast and the resource plan.
  • Analyze over-and-under staffing levels and optimize the schedule framework.
  • Schedule trainings, meetings, and webinars as per resource availability.
  • Review and incorporate requests for flexible work and ensure that the schedules have no impact on the business.
  • Identify, investigate, and optimize schedules that do not align with business goals.


  • Monitor and manage intraday work volumes, handle time, and other client deliverables.
  • Manage schedule adherence and exceptions, report deviations, and plan for contingencies.
  • Maximize employee productivity through effective resource utilization.


  • Develop and administer reporting systems for WFM using various business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.
  • Design and develop reports for end users and provide high-level insights to leadership.
  • Generate real-time and on-demand reports, dashboards, and scorecards.
  • Analyze work volume and, patterns, and measure and report planned versus actual performance.
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