Pro-Match Product Matching Solution

eCommerce companies and marketplaces need to aggregate and match many stock keeping units (SKUs) to their competition for reasons such as price intelligence, assortment gaps, promotions management, or category management. While aggregating data is one challenge, the more significant challenge is to match the same or similar products across the competition, particularly on a large scale. Lumina Datamatics’ Pro-Match tool helps match products with a high level of accuracy.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA):
Pro-Match uses RPA engines to scrape data from the site and concurrently run various scrapes across multiple competitor sites.

Proprietary Matching Engine:
Scraped data is processed through our proprietary matching engine, which uses natural language processing (NLP) and string matching algorithms for text matching and machine-learning-based computer vision for image matching and object identification within images, resulting in high accuracy in product matching.


Orchestration Hub:
Our solution automatically detects matches with a matching score, which is then processed through a rules engine to automatically reject, approve, or review the matches. Our orchestration hub includes rules engine management and a user review dashboard for reviewers to accept matches.

Data Analytics:
Pro-Match provides complete data analytics to show the matching accuracy and reviewer efficiency for every executed campaign or job.

Multiple Proxies and IP Routing:
Multiple proxies with rotation and IP routing are a few techniques used to manage IP blocking while scraping.

Geolocation-based scrapping:
Geolocation allows scraping relevant locale data for the same site that is dynamically rendered as several sites based on reverse IP look-ups, which might generate different data than expected.

JavaScript Rendering:
Our solution allows the rendering of all elements, including triggering JavaScripts to render dynamic data that needs to be captured for comparison.

Dynamic Scalability:
The platform can run multiple concurrent crawlers as required through multiple IPs, thereby rapidly scaling the scraping and matching engines.

Human Emulation:
Several sites block crawlers or blacklist IP addresses suspected as crawlers or scrapers. Our platform emulates human behavior, which results in sites not categorizing those sessions as crawlers, thus avoiding blocking.

Simple CAPTCHA Handling:
Our solution triggers alerts to the human scrape managers whenever it comes across CAPTCHA, which ensures uninterrupted service.

Round the Clock Process:
Our solution is designed to work 24 x 7 x 365 days with dedicated support teams, thereby ensuring that data is delivered in the requested turn-around time.

Safety and Privacy:
Our platform follows a high level of ethics, privacy laws, and compliances to ensure that your data remains protected, and you and your customers can manage how much information can be accessed and shared.

Business Intelligence Dashboard:
The solution also provides a data analytics dashboard for the matched ME products and matched competitor product data to perform analysis on price changes, discounts monitoring, price history, product reviews, etc. These analyses can be made product-wise, category wise, etc.

Alert Systems:
The solution can trigger alerts to the client as required for price movements, out-of-stock levels, discounts, deals, and so forth.


How Pro-Match Works and Benefits YOU


Easy Competition Tracking
Track competition for price, discount, and deal changes.

Product Positioning
Pro-Match quickly analyzes a product’s position in the market.

Quick Decision on Competition
The system quickly reviews and analyzes the market for ecommerce companies to remain competitive in the industry.

Increase Sales Conversion / Profit
Competition and price monitoring allow ecommerce companies to quickly change and update prices in real-time, which results in increased sales and profits.


Abandon Cart Reduction
Pro-Match allows for a drastic reduction in cart abandonment due to lower available prices on competitor websites if prices are dynamically changed post tracking.

Save Time
Our solution allows ecommerce businesses to capture data in real-time through automation, which saves a considerable amount of time over manual methods.

Better Offer Designs
Historical and real-time competition data allows ecommerce companies to create better deals and offers, product, category, or season-wise.

Optimum Pricing
Price monitoring allows users to set optimal pricing of the products based on the time of year.

 Build Customer Loyalty and Develop Trust
With more conversion on price parity, ecommerce operations build better loyalty and trust.

Acquire More Customers
Better pricing allows ecommerce companies to acquire new customers and give better returns on the marketing costs.

 Better Product Launch
Price and competition monitoring allows for a better time to launch products and better pricing strategies.

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