Publishers and content providers need to maintain control over their publishing assets to create products that can shift as quickly as the market demands. In some cases, they are facing ballooning budgets, missed negotiating opportunities, and unnecessary litigation risk.

This is where RightsPlatform makes the difference. It is a unique platform that allows publishers to manage assets such as text, scientific images, videos, photos, graphs, and illustrations.

RightsPlatform is also an enterprise-scale rights management and workflow tool providing publishers with deep-level rights data, budget management, and transparent project management capabilities. RightsPlatform is a powerful tool that creates relationships between your assets and project data, giving insight into overall trends and business opportunities.

RightsPlatform has helped several companies lower the cost of their rights spending by channeling rights transactions to free, low-cost, and preferred rights vendors. It enables you to manage the rights clearance process efficiently and accurately. You can maximize profits by managing the budgets and schedules of projects through real-time data and reporting functions.

• Ability to manage image, text, audio, and visual assets
• Drive image selection toward client sourcing strategies and goals
• Auditable trail of licensing activities
• API connections with major stock agencies
• Customized reporting capabilities
• Amazon S3 cloud for expandable storage capacity
• Increased protection against litigation
• Agility to integrate with internal publisher systems and third-party tools

• Streamlines and organizes data effectively
• Ensures accurate and seamless license verification processes
• Optimizes costs associated with managing rights
• Easily track and manage authors’ rights and associated data
• Facilitate copyright checks and monitoring mechanisms

Case Study

Lumina Datamatics Solves Global Publisher’s Rights & Permissions Challenges With a 30% Efficiency Boost

Lumina Datamatics Solves Global Publisher’s Rights & Permissions Challenges With a 30% Efficiency Boost

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