A revolutionary new web-based tool that allows you to securely place any of your book content where you want it, when you want it, and how you want it.

Flexpub eliminates all the usual and complicated barriers to sharing your book content. You can now drive book sales and customer engagement with an elegant new tool that can be creatively used by your entire team, or a team of one.

Flexpub makes it simple for publishers to sell digital, and even online book subscriptions, easily integrated with any website through a single link. You can get a simple and secure solution to handle free online book fulfillment, while your readers get instant access on any phone, tablet, or desktop simply by registering.



Boosts sales and engages customers effectively!

(Have a glance at our samples for publisher websites and social media marketing)

Since launching completely branded and customized book samples in 2014, we’ve found that approximately 65% of visitors to our book information pages click to view preview content. In no time, our publishers have engaged their readers and focused solely on their content and brand.

Get started today with Flexpub, the easiest and most effective book-sampling solution available, and see the results for yourself.



Evaluate and promote your content!

(With a secure gratis system for electronic review, desk copies, and tailored content collections)

Managing extensive reviews, author comp, and publicity promotions is now quick and easy with Flexpub Free Link. Now, you have a simple and secure solution for processing free online book shipping, and your readers get instant access to any electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, or desktops with an enrollment.



Engage your readers anytime, anywhere!

(Direct-to-reader e-commerce solutions for print and digital sales)

Flexpub allows publishers to easily sell print books, digital books, and even online book subscriptions, and it simply integrates into any website through a single link. Our turnkey bookstore makes it easy and secure to sell any of your book content where you want it, when you want it, and how you want it.


Our End-Users

For Authors

Grab your book with attention, it deserves the publisher-grade tools.

For Readers

Readers can access 50,000 titles that are free and open access to public domain eBooks just by clicking the book!

For Publishers

Get started for free now and view the results for yourself!


Access the e-book content with one click!

With over 50,000 free titles, oLibrary is the world’s largest online resource for one-click eBooks. Unlike other websites, oLibrary offers a combination of high-quality public domain classics and open-access scholarly content contributed by a variety of publishers, here we can access each and every book on any smartphone, tablet, or computer just by hitting its cover.

To enjoy our most added features, including the ability to set personal reading preferences, build your own bookshelf, or share your favorites to Kindle, create an account HERE! https://flexpub.com/user/register



FLEXPUB Features

  • Integrated e-book reader
  • Authors or publishers can publish the books
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Create and customize your own curated reading space (bookshelf)
  • Add posts and effortlessly share content with others
  • Users have the option to preview a book
  • Ability to publish both books and electronic publications (e-pub)
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