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eCommerce companies must stay ahead of the curve and stay connected with customers, products, assortment, sales, marketing, social media, and retail distribution channels. Three key points that a customer checks before making a purchase decision are pricing, promotions, and product availability. eCommerce organizations must stay ahead of the competition in a competitive marketplace by continually excelling in these three parameters. It is even more important to keep an eye on your competition during the buying season when pricing promotions and stock status changes many times a day. 

MarketWatch helps you manage these three critical parameters, with over 99% accuracy on products’ exact matches using our technology platform – Pro-Match. We use our in-house data aggregation tools to acquire critical data for our clients business at any frequency. Some of the key features include the following:

  • Use a web-based software as a service (SAAS) solution for market intelligence.
  • A Hybrid approach – automated plus manual-ensures better accuracy.
  • MarketWatch is attribute (e.g., size, color, and variant) aware and supports product bundles and, similar product matching.
  • Product & search result approach includes multi-criteria URL optimization.
  • MarketWatch supports localization and has cross- border currency support.
  • Set up price and inventory alerts at product and category levels.
  • Monitor reports at broader categories or custom categories based on category managers’ requirements.

How does MarketWatch help you?

  • Actively track price optimization.
  • Analyze pricing strategies across product categories.
  • Obtain actionable insights and customized reports.
  • Act with speed and precision.
  • Leverage data visualization.

Our platform enables you to slice and dice your data for analysis and provides the following reports:

  • Product matching
  • Inventory status
  • Price status
  • Consolidated report
  • Promotion report
  • Competitive positioning
  • Category report
  • Disabled products

Each comes with its own set of filters and can be exported as comma separated values (CSVs), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or XML files. 

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