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    May 4, 2021

    With cutthroat competition increasing like wildfire, many online businesses are facing difficulties to expand their operations. Since the competition is tough, companies need creative marketing techniques to keep customers engaged. Although enterprises are utilizing user-generated content, there are certain risks involved in displaying information that can negatively impact the business.

    This is where the importance of efficient content moderation services comes in!

    • More than 75% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.
    • More than 90% of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product.
    • More than 55% of consumers worldwide have experienced online fraud at some point.

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    As a matter of fact, you never know how your customers will react to your specific service or product.

    Why Content Moderation?

    Did you know?

    A majority of consumers find user-generated content to be over 50% more credible and nearly 40% more memorable than any other media form.

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    But simultaneously, it couldn’t be wrong to say that user-generated content comes with potential risks.

    When you choose a scalable content moderation process, you can seamlessly publish a significant volume of user-generated content while enhancing your customer reputation and keeping your customer engaged respectively.

    Here are the reasons to choose internet content moderation for your online business.

    1. Understand Your Users

    Pattern recognition is one of the most significant benefits of content moderation in evaluating high-volume campaigns. When you use content moderation to tag content with similar properties, your team can gain actionable insights into your customers’ opinions.

    1. Improves Buying Behavior

    In today’s tech-driven landscape, a powerful marketing tool that has been gaining significant traction is none other than eWOM (Electronic Word-of-Mouth Marketing).

    With a blend of Positive eWOM and content moderation services, consumers are likely to trust the opinions of other buyers, creating a great impact on the brand. Doing so would ultimately influence purchasing behavior as there will be more chances of high-rated products being purchased.

    Be it text moderation or video moderation; content moderation solutions help your online business to eliminate negative reviews and minimize the harm to an unprecedented scale.

    1. Helps You Scale Campaigns

    To drive marketing and sales campaigns, user-generated content is an important tool. Whether you want to drive marketing and sales campaigns, host a contest, crowdsource an idea, or get more reviews, having an efficient and effective content moderation strategy enables you to scale these campaigns without facing negative effects.

    1. Enhances Website Traffic

    Did you know?

    More than 80% of consumers consider online reviews before making a decision to buy anything.

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    When a user posts a product review on a website, social media content moderation may increase website traffic. The framework will create a more interactive experience for the users by removing negative comments. When your users leave positive reviews/good feedback, it will lead to more engagement.

    1. Protects the Website and its Users

    It wouldn’t be wrong to state that user-generated content comes in various forms, such as photos on social media or comments on blogs and forums. There are, however, times when content avoids the guidelines of a site.

    With content moderation, risks can be significantly reduced. It keeps an eye on abusive or negative content posted by internet trolls, ultimately eliminating such issues while fostering a positive environment.

    How can Lumina Datamatics help?

    Lumina Datamatics delivers high-end quality services, tech solutions, and ecommerce support services to multiple global companies worldwide. The company provides robust, scalable, and efficient content moderation solutions that help clients gain a strong market foothold while outperforming their competitors.

    With a dexterous crew of over 2800+ digital and content marketing professionals, the company does content moderation across multiple channels, taking lesser time than a manual moderator.

    Click here to know more about our content moderation services.

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