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    June 29, 2017

    Businesses embrace new types of content to expand their internet marketing strategies, and e-books are taking off. E-books are the perfect opportunity to expand on different facets of your business. It’s essential to start your marketing even before the e-book is available to potential readers. Email marketing is a critical element in the process.

    Five years ago, after the threat of e-books made publishers nervous and had experts declaring the death of the print industry that audiobooks would become a major focus for Amazon, let alone a $2-billion (U.S.) per year business. It has become the fastest-growing book format, often outselling both print and digital editions. E-books can be interactive, and subtle advertising is business gold. With e-books being convenient for the reader, if you have completed your e-book, designed a useful landing page to collect information, and have a few pages and posts pointing to your e-book, you can shift your focus to monitoring the number of clicks and completed forms that your e-book is producing.

    E-books have come a long way in the publishing sphere. From just the screens of your computer to holding them in the palms of your hands, progress has been made in the last 15 years. The methods to do this were intrinsic, but the industry standards have shifted broadly to accommodate all types of publications and any content in recent years. For this article, let’s take a look at a couple of them.

    EPUB is the most accessible e-book format, as it was developed to be available to all. EPUB books deliver HTML text, so they are easily read by screen-reading software on any device. Building on an HTML 5 platform allows authors to incorporate multimedia features, gamification techniques and simulations, interactive graphs and quizzes, and other mobile, web, and graphic tools that leverage audio, video, and animation. Interactive e-books in education contribute to rapid growth and versatility to authors in creating them.

    EDUPUB’s purpose is to optimize the learning and teaching experience by adding some specifications to ePub3 content for better interoperability and optimization. This is unquestionably the next level for eBook publishing and defining new education standards. EPUB is ready to support the future of learning. EPUB allows publishers to develop configurations that match best with their unique business needs. By using EDUPUB, each publisher doesn’t need to invent its mark-up patterns and metadata.

    Even the best-written e-book, with the most influential and thought-provoking concepts, is bound to fail if nobody knows it exists. Marketers use their e-books to generate leads and conversions, offering free downloads when visitors provide their contact data. This builds more robust contact lists for email campaigns and marketing outreach. Promoting the e-book with newsletters and autoresponders, leading to a landing page, is designed to convert them into loyal, engaged customers.

    With the rise of e-books, the ability to market your publication successfully has never been more critical. Publishers, content owners, and retailers should act promptly to secure leading positions in the eBook marketplace. Implementing e-books into your content marketing strategies will provide your business and your customers something valuable that cannot be achieved with blog posts and articles alone.


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