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    It was the end of 2020
    ‘Twas the End of 2020
    December 23, 2020
    * Based on “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore



    ‘Twas late holiday season, and all through Lumina D.,

    Not a creature was stirring, ‘cept my colleagues and me;

    Our face masks were hung by our chimneys with cheer,

    As we waited with joy for vaccines to get here;

    Our children were nestled all snug in their beds;

    While visions of homeschool still danced in their heads;

    With a moment to pause, after changes by day

    We knew we should seize it, there are things we should say.

    First, thanks to those on the front lines, for all you do,

    And workers at home, yes, we’re thinking of you too!

    Thanks to all of the teachers, who worked night and day,

    to keep students going. You deserve extra pay!

    We wish you the best, on your winter break,

    For this was a year not many could take!

    Everything looks different, both at work and at home,

    But better it is, knowing we aren’t all alone. (Because Yoda.)

    Though this year was tumultuous, sometimes downright mean,

    Our shared sacrifices showed we’re all on the same team.

    Still, there are questions to answer, work yet to do,

    With ways to help students, both returning and new.

    Higher ed students had big decisions to make

    “Do I take class online? Is it time for a break?”

    While nontraditional students found the grit, the will

    To seize opportunities and work hard to upskill.

    EdTech came together, widely giving its best,

    We all rose to our tasks with a passion and zest.

    To the Google Classroom! to the hybrid cohort!

    Mixing teachers and tech in a new extreme sport.

    Now, vendors! now, authors! now EdTechs and pubs!

    Let’s make new resources, show teachers some love!

    Let’s look at our content, and examine with care,

    Inclusion reads can ensure no bias is there.

    The months lingered on, people found themselves tired,

    Needing good news to keep them feeling inspired.

    And then, in a twinkling, the biotechs came

    With hope of vaccines, that was changing the game!

    Let’s start looking forward. What trends will we see?

    Will students still want a prestigious degree?

    Will offices ever reopen again?

    When will we grab coffee, my colleagues, my friends?

    Is OER the answer? Are my perms secure?

    Great change is still coming, of that we are all sure.

    While 2020 is a year we won’t miss,

    Let’s end on a high note, and leave you with this:

    To our loved ones and families, our colleagues and friends,

    We hope these “unprecedented times” will soon end,

    You’ve all been through a lot throughout this past year,

    We hope you find something to bring you good cheer.

    So take care, our dear readers, stay safe and be well,

    There’s a long way to go, but there’s no need to dwell.

    Try to keep your heads up, try not to mope,

    With change coming soon, we leave you with…hope.

    So we’ll end on this note that we hope will be bright—

    Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!




    *This blog was written by Laura Hakala and Abigail Perrine



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