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    April 4, 2023

    Web accessibility is essential in today’s competitive business world as it can help companies reach a much larger audience, leading to new customers and an increase in revenue. However, many websites are not accessible to those who depend on assistive technology to access the web.

    Remember that accessing web content and services without difficulties and obstacles allows everyone to engage in your business. Ignoring the disabled community means ignoring many potential customers with good purchasing power.

    So, what are you doing to make your web content accessible?

    Need for Web Accessibility
    The main purpose of web accessibility is to remove all obstacles that can hinder a person’s ability to access, navigate, or understand the content on the internet.
    Here are a few accessibility solutions that can make your web content more accessible.

    1. Screen Readers: Screen readers are assistive technology software programs that can read your website’s content aloud. This can make your web page accessible for people who are blind or has a visual impairment. Users can easily navigate the website using keyboard shortcuts and listen to the content with an integrated voice.

    2. Transcript and Captioning: Transcription turns audio or video content into written text. On the other hand, captions are a type of transcription that includes both the spoken word and any sound effects in the video. Overall, captioning and transcripts give text alternatives for audio or video content, making them accessible to more users.

    3. Keyboard Navigation: Keyboard navigation enables the users to navigate a web page by just using the keyboard. This makes browsing a website easier for people with mobility impairments who cannot use a mouse.

    4. Alt Text: Alt Text describes the appearance or function of an image on a web page. It makes content accessible to individuals with visual impairments and those who use screen readers.

    5. High Color Contrast Mode: Colors can enable a user to distinguish any information on the website easily. But color blindness and other disabilities can make it difficult for users to find information, call-to-action buttons, or other aspects on a web page. Hence, the high-contrast mode is a feature that can help people with visual impairments to see the content by increasing the contrast between text and background colors.

    6. Text Resizing: Text resizing tools enable users to adjust the text size on a web page. This tool can make reading easier for people with visual impairment.

    Furthermore, the benefits of the internet can be difficult for people with disabilities. Hence accessibility solutions can improve the accessibility of your web content, making it inclusive for everyone.

    What’s More?
    Lumina Datamatics offers accessibility solutions to facilitate access to existing online content. Moreover, our experienced professionals provide editorial, media, design, and production services for future accessibility needs, ensuring online learning materials are born accessible. Besides, we can restructure your content following the WCAG 2.0, ADA, AODA, and Section 508 guidelines. This move can save you from lawsuits and can benefit you in reaching a broader audience base.

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