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    May 8, 2017

    The e-Learning industry is ever-evolving. 2016 was a transformative year as corporate learning saw a significant increase in demand and adoption of digital workplace training tools. Learning has become more impactful with a variety of innovative learning solutions that effectively addresses the learner’s needs and advancement in technology. As the technology is galloping forward, many of the “new” e-learning technologies have already become mainstream.  What new strategies in e-Learning solutions will dominate the space this year?

    Corporate e-Learning is in a class of its own. Corporate e-Learning strategy is a great concept and over the years, its effectiveness and uses have only grown. It might take some time before they get more widely implemented, but their potential is guaranteed. Some of the well-established as well as emerging trends in e-learning we can expect to see are:

    • Mobile Learning –As a matter of fact, mobile leaning is no longer new. According to recent statistics, more than 70% of learning content is accessed through mobile devices. This includes mobile learning, mobile delivery and responsive design. Mobile learning is redefining learning solutions with cloud-based learning. The m-training development strategies and solutions will be picking up in popularity in the years to come.
    • Micro-learning – It is also referred as bite-sized learning. Micro-learning being the second top trend consists of micro videos and keeping the content short. Engaging content that is straight to the point and delivered in a conversational style is more effective. Multiple short, focused sessions tend to be more effective than one long, expansive session.
    • Gamification – This doesn’t mean learning is a literal game, but might have gaming elements such as a leader-board or badges that are awarded upon completion. 80% claimed learning would be more productive if it were more game oriented. According to recent reports, successful gamification programs promote engagement and have been shown to increase scores in skill-based knowledge assessments by 14% and in fact-based assessments by 11%. They also increase retention rates by 9%.
    • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) – VR and AR is the next big thing in learning. Recent research states that 95% of respondents believe VR could be useful for enhancing training. Simulated and virtual environments offer an immersive learning experience. The device provides a simulated experience that is readily available and compatible with smartphones and other devices.
    • Big Data – There is an increase in the use of big data along with the growth of adaptive learning. To gain valuable insights into learning behaviors and preferences, a variety of Learning Management Systems are built by using analytic tools. To analyze learner’s training patterns or their preferences,  a more personalized approach is provided to the user by using efficient analytical tools.
    • Personalized Learning / Adaptive Learning – Competency-based learning is a fast-growing tool used in education and workplace training. Personalized learning helps individualize the learning experience, while addressing personal learning needs. This seems to be a growing trend that is causing entities like Digital Publishing Service Providers to take notice.
    • Social e-Learning – Social learning is catching up as social media allows real time interaction between learners. Social media allows exchange of complex information permitting immediate interaction between learners distant from each other. In most organizations, social learning and informal learning happens around e-Learning experiences.

    E-Learning trends such as m-Learning, micro-learning, social learning, video learning and gamification aren’t new in the industry, but their adoption and growth are seeing an upward swing.



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