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    May 27, 2017

    Technology has changed the whole world. It has driven it forward toward bigger and better things. The publishing industry is no stranger to any of this as they have harnessed the technology to achieve great success. Advances in marketing automation, big data, metadata and optimizing workflows across continents have been some examples of how publishers have used technology to their advantage. The arrival of artificial intelligence (A.I) is going to be part of a massive change which will and is impacting the industry. The people in the industry will decide whether or not it’s a change for the better.

    Let’s take a look at some of events that are sure to be become increasingly important as AI becomes more pertinent.

    • Better Decision-making – AI’s superior ability to process huge amounts of data relating to content performance can help publishers identify their most valuable content. It can identify the best audiences that will be perceptive to this content. It will be based on real-time engagement and daily content consumption.  Ultimately a data-driven process, rather than producing works of inhuman genius (although that may of course happen too…) will change the industry by empowering readers to drive what type of literature is chosen and released to market in an unprecedented way. Artificial intelligence marketing for publishing is certainly going to be changing the way content reaches consumers or readers over the next century.
    • Generating Content –There is a growing possibility that AI robots will eventually replace professional writers. For instance, AI-powered writing assistance is fast becoming a competitive market. Grammarly, a free grammar checker that installs as a browser extension uses AI to help with all writing tasks on the web. In the news industry, AI is already being used to automate news stories. The Associated Press is using AI to produce its recaps of public companies’ quarterly earnings reports, as well as recaps of Minor League Baseball games. This kind of information-heavy news item must be accurate, but it doesn’t have to be colorful. The billionaire businessman, Mark Cuban, has repeatedly impressed upon the fact that AI will soon take over every industry, with it already making a significant impact in manufacturing. Therefore, the possibilities are endless with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning coming to the forefront.
    • Artificial Intelligence Marketing – Most publishers want to get their content to the right people across the global sphere. It’s about getting the books that consumers want. Marketing automation is already making headway by using metadata to identify the right readers that will make full use of eBooks and other related content. Content in Artificial Intelligence could reap several benefits. It will increase lead identification, optimize the distribution workflow, automatic email marketing as well as connect data from several different sources, all on one platform. Fundamentally, it will improve the Return on Investment (ROI) for every publisher, content development service providers in the market and reduce overall costs.

    The publishing industry will continue to evolve along with technology. While the chance of AI becoming supreme in publishing is becoming more increasingly relevant, the human element will always remain.



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