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    June 20, 2017

    Books have received vastly increased exposure and readers can now experience completely new ways of reading through new technologies. With these exciting developments, the understanding and respect for the author’s copyright can easily diminish as content is copied and pasted.

    A standard practice is followed in the publishing industry where it is the author’s responsibility to clear permission to use copyrighted material.  Most copyright holders may demand a fee.  An informal sounding email may be sufficient provided it contains a clear agreement to the request. All permissions have to be in the form of writing. Publishers must communicate to someone who has authority to grant permission. They must identify the copyright holder and start with the relevant publisher’s rights department. Rights may migrate to another publisher or reverted to the author.

    A rights management system adds value to a publisher—value being defined as a combination of revenue, author relations and brand. Rights acquisition is done for primary exploitation but also, more frequently, for a subsidiary exploitation including the right to license translation rights. They also frequently obtain the rights to produce enhanced content or multimedia versions.According to reports, 80% of the publishing houses are reluctant to acquire digital asset rights and permissions separately from print rights. Digital rights are generally acquired for the same duration as print rights. An organization’s digital assets can be fully managed and controlled through a secure permissions engine.

    Wide availability of content on the internet does not mean that it is not subject to copyright. If necessary clearances are not obtained, the materials cannot be published. The introduction to issues of authorship and ownership is followed by additional analyses of the options available to authors who want to be read and practical tools to help authors regain, retain, and manage their rights to disseminate their writings to the public.

    The practice of authors transferring their copyrights to publishers is longstanding. For authors writing books and articles today, a wide variety of publishing models are emerging that do not follow the pattern of outright assignment of copyright to publishers. Instead, authors are increasingly retaining their DRM and copyrights & managing them in innovative ways. Rights & permissions enables you to sell more pro-actively and license more creatively, increasing your awareness of opportunities to get the most out of your assets.



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