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    August 11, 2017

    Human Capital Management (HCM) is how businesses are streamlining their organization for long-term growth. It’s a means to an end as employees are perceived as assets. By estimating their value, companies can strategically plot the course that they wish their business to take. Like every other process, companies will benefit from it in many ways.

    • Picking The Right Talent – Every business strives to do better. Employees are the pillars on which any business is built on. This is where talent management comes in. It is about business strategy, and you must fully integrate it within all of the organization’s employee-related processes. Having an effective strategy involves sharing information about talented employees and their potential career paths across the organization. This enables various departments to identify available talent when opportunities arise.
    • Competency Management –Like all organizations, HCM provides another path to hiring the best people from across the industry and providing your human resources department with the best possible way to educate employees across the business.
    • Workforce Planning – The challenge for most organizations is that a growing workforce comes with increasingly disparate and complex data that requires a dedicated focus to maintain its integrity and reliability. This is where HCM relies on various analytics that allows organizations to gain the optimum use of their workforce with the right people in suitable positions.
    • Actionable Metrics – With any process, the most vital ingredient is the use of metrics. From an HR perspective, metrics provide the department with the essential parts to understand HCM. Some of these include average headcount, staffing breakdown, employment engagement index, and average workforce tenure and termination rate. The combination of these data points enhances the decision-making process of the business.
    • Employee Retention – Human resource departments across the world have seen the constant scourge of high employee turnover. With HCM, businesses can award the employees that have shown remarkable improvement over time. Some HCM processes use psychometric test questions to measure employee achievement, leading to better employee retention rates.
    • Performance Management –With HCM measuring performance over time, employees with better test results can be promoted to higher positions within the organization. This allows for a better Return on Investment (ROI) for the organization. The best employees are put front and center, contributing to the business and increasing profits in the process.
    • Educating Employees – A large part of HCM is providing employees the tools to assess themselves. When employees can identify their weak areas, they’re more likely to be enthusiastic about improving upon them. Employees showing improvement can make an impact and possibly add another skill to their repertoire.
    • Improves Communication Skills – HCM essentially cuts through all the red tape and promotes transparency between employers and employees. Employees with poor communication skills may thrive with more focus on improving those areas and grow due to the heightened emphasis.
    • Tracking Skills Development – With an excellent Human Resource Management System (HRMS), HR teams can track employees’ development over time within the organization and reward them for skills. Some employees could be moved to another department where they would be more useful. HCM makes an employee self-sufficient. It enables employees to adapt to changing situations quickly. A well-trained employee is a profitable employee.
    • Enhanced Productivity – By embracing HCM, organizations will see HR practices streamlined, save time on essential tasks, craft better business strategies, and, most of all, increase employee productivity and improve ROI for the entire business.


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