With the impending European Accessibility Act (EAA) set to come into force by 2025, publishers are rushing to meet the accessibility guidelines. However, they are hamstrung by a lack of proper tools to deliver accessible content accurately and in a quick turnaround time.

To ensure this, publishers require an intuitive platform that can generate contextual alt-text for images with high accuracy and eliminate images that have poor context.

Arty is a cloud-based workflow platform to create, manage, and reuse alt-text using Lumina Datamatics’ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithm. It employs an AI-powered similarity index to compare existing images with alt-text and suggest the most relevant ones. Arty can recognize images, objects, faces, and texts.

• Cloud-based web platform for anywhere access
• AI-powered interface helps to detect image data (face/object, text detection)
• Dynamic workflow helps in tracking the movement of assets
• Global checklist enables quality assurance
• Diversity and sensitivity checker improves the alt-text quality
• Similarity index to compare an image within the repository

• Keyword search to look at similar alt-text
• Comparison/duplicate to manage quality
• On-the-spot feedback to manage consistency
• Secured access to safeguard clients’ assets
• Rich text formatting to download alt-text in HTML format
• Cost sheet to help customers decide the budget

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