Artificial Intelligence

Content creation and editing are predominantly manual tasks that consume significant time. In today’s competitive business landscape, enhancing content discoverability, guaranteeing accessibility for all users, and upholding rigorous standards in assessment development are challenging and expensive.

Lumina Datamatics can help with its expertise in Artificial Intelligence. At Lumina Datamatics, we leverage artificial intelligence technologies to enhance user experience, save time and money, ensure accessibility compliance, and improve the quality of assessment development.

Our AI-powered services:

1. Content Enrichment

Elevate your content with our AI algorithms that can automatically interpret, summarize, categorize, and enrich your content accurately and efficiently, saving hours of manual work. Moreover, it can enhance user experiences by making them more engaging, discoverable, and searchable. Our adaptive machine-learning model uncovers hidden insights and trends to unlock the full potential of your data. Your content security and copyright is one of our top priorities. Our AI-based Content Enrichment system adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and protection.

2. Image Recognition

Powered by advanced algorithms, our image recognition technology takes image understanding beyond pixels. It rapidly and accurately generates alt text, providing meaningful descriptions that enhance accessibility for all users, including those with visual impairments. Improve your image content by making it incredibly searchable and discoverable, setting new standards for user engagement and accessibility.

3. Assessment Author

Our AI-driven platform empowers assessment writers to generate high-quality test questions efficiently. Whether for math or text-intensive subjects, it swiftly produces diverse assessment items, adheres to formatting standards, and aligns with specific learning objectives. Its scalability makes it ideal for comprehensive exams and offers seamless collaboration with our writers, streamlining the entire assessment creation process. It saves valuable time and resources while maintaining consistency throughout.

Case Study

Ai case study

Lumina Datamatics Creates Alt Text for 130,000 Images Using AI and Reduces Budget by 75%

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