The publishing process has undergone many technological advancements over the past few years. However, there is still room to improve the author experience, particularly during the submission and proof review process.

This requires better process management, enhanced content accuracy, and streamlined communication between authors and editors. Deployment of such a system leads to better turnaround times, efficient production workflows, and optimized costs.

BluPencil is an online author proofing environment that enables authors to edit their text instantaneously via a structured layout (with underlying XML), using an intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface.

Bluepencil workflow


  • Streamlining the editorial process
  • Authors’ ease of working, without requiring extensive training or XML knowledge
  • Secure editing environment
  • Customizable email reminders
  • Real-time collaboration between stakeholders
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Enhanced production efficiency


  • Browser-based editing system, with a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Proofing alerts via emails, with customizable reminders
  • Easy application-programming interface (API)-based integration with content management systems (CMSs) and third-party systems
  • Facilitating both offline and online work modes (i.e., authors can continue editing even without an Internet connection)
  • On-the-fly proof generation, per authors’ preferences
  • Integrated with online databases (e.g., Crossref registry)


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