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New media technologies helping users to adopt innovative technologies

July 15, 2022
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Lumina Datamatics offers a range of workflow management, digital transformation, new media solutions, and platforms across education, research, and professional segments resulting in optimized business processes, operational efficiencies, improved competitiveness, and relevant insights. RightsPlatform for managing rights and permissions and reducing legal cases and RightsPlatform Marketplace to sell and monetise individual assets and improve the bottom line; AI tool ARTY that builds better accessible assets; ESPRO to source SMEs in the Education and Research segment; CAPS, an end-to-end journal production WFM; BluPencil, that reduces TAT by over 50% and improves product quality; MARS, to assess manuscripts submitted by researchers for specific Journals; ES2 for managing freelancers; LAPS, a WFM platform for books and newsletters.

Impact of disruptive technologies in the future of work

In the publishing industry, AI redefines how content is written, consumed, and analyzed. New media technologies such as 360Video, AR-VR, and interactive videos give customers an immersive experience. These technologies help readers/users interact with content more closely and adopt innovative technologies rapidly.

Adopting working arrangements to flexibly meet business needs

Lumina Datamatics was amongst the first movers in adopting the remote work model during the Pandemic. The Knowledge Associate model pioneered by the company contributed to the organization’s readiness and ensured a smooth transition. Lumina Datamatics proposes a hybrid model which mutually benefits the organization, the employees, & the customers.

Sameer L. Kanodia
Managing Director & CEO, Lumina Datamatics 


Lumina Datamatics is a strategic partner to global publishers and e-commerce retailers, providing content, analytics, and technology solutions. We enable publishers to be at the forefront of digitalization by managing the entire publishing process – from content creation to product delivery, including feedback from readers and buyers. Lumina Datamatics’s expert solutions are a combination of its various in-house platforms, partnerships with global technologies, and more than 2800 professionals spread across Germany, India, and the United States. This global footprint services our customers across four continents: Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Visit

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