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Lumina Datamatics Launches Cloud-Based Solution for Alt Text

Norwell, MA
February 16, 2023

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Lumina Datamatics, a strategic partner to global publishers providing content, analytics, and technology solutions, have launched ARTY, a cloud-based workflow solution that helps publishers create, manage, and re-use alt text using Lumina Datamatics’ artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm.

Today, it is essential to make content user-friendly and accessible. With advancements in technology and changes in accessibility guidelines, it can be challenging for publishers to stay up to date with the best practices for creating alt text. Lumina Datamatics’ ARTY helps publishers create alt text for images with high accuracy and reutilize existing alt text. ARTY helps reduce time to market and provides cost savings to publishers.

Being a cloud-based solution, ARTY is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. The benefits of using ARTY include:

  • Cost sheet to help customers decide the budget
  • Keyword search to look at similar alt text
  • Dynamic workflow that helps in tracking the movement of assets
  • On-the-spot feedback to manage consistency
  • Diversity and sensitivity checker can be added as an additional service

Mr. Sameer L. Kanodia, Managing Director & CEO, Lumina Datamatics, said, Alt text is a challenge for publishers globally. We believe, with ARTY, publishers will experience a reduced turn-around time and deliver accessible content accurately.




Lumina Datamatics is a strategic partner to global publishers providing content, analytics, and technology solutions. Lumina Datamatics enables publishers and aggregators to be at the forefront of content workflows by managing the entire publishing process – from content creation to product delivery. Lumina Datamatics’ expert solutions combine its various in-house and client-facing platforms, partnership with global technology leaders, and more than 3000 professionals across the UK, Germany, the United States, and India.

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