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Lumina Datamatics and Emerson Agency Announce Partnership to Combat Implicit Bias in Educational Content

Strategic partnership focused on driving the review, analysis, and revision of biased content

Norwell, MA —Dec 04, 2020 — Lumina Datamatics, Inc., a leading content technology company, and the Emerson Agency, a leading provider of diversity and inclusion specialists and other content services, today announced a strategic partnership focused on combatting systemic bias in educational content and multimedia. Through this partnership, Lumina Datamatics will provide broad-scale sensitivity analysis to its robust client base, which includes traditional educational publishers, EdTech companies, universities and colleges, and others.

Emerson Agency’s team members will aid in the refinement and evolution of Lumina Datamatics’ developed artificial intelligence system, which was designed to perform inclusion and diversity audits automatically by engaging natural language processing algorithms. The system operates based on customized dictionaries and/or rule sets, and will be integrated via API with content management systems in order to automatically audit and report on any potential areas of concern. Emerson Agency experts will then conduct a detailed analysis of these results and make targeted recommendations for remediation.

“The Emerson Agency’s team of outstanding inclusion and implicit-bias experts will enable us to better support our clients’ ongoing efforts to create educational content that is inclusive to all and free of bias,” says Vidur Bhogilal, Vice Chairman of Lumina Datamatics. “Their team of sensitivity readers is the perfect complement to both our newly deployed technology solution and our pre-existing base of exceptional contributors. We are excited to provide this additional, vitally important service to the content providers we partner with.”


“Lumina’s natural language processing and machine learning capabilities will enable us to better provide students and instructors with the inclusive content they are clearly eager for,” stated Emerson Probst, Executive Editor of the Emerson Agency. “This partnership reimagines sensitivity analysis at scale, by intelligently combining Lumina’s automation with our in-person expertise.”


Lumina Datamatics is a trusted strategic partner to educational publishers, EdTech companies, universities and colleges, and various Retailers worldwide. The company’s technology, media, and content solutions enhance the offerings of its clientele by providing the custom solutions, tools, and content they need to best serve their diverse audience. Lumina Datamatics serves a global clientele with multiple locations in the United States, Germany, and India, allowing it to better reach educators, students, and retailers around the world.


Emerson Agency (EA) provides strategic sourcing of top-tier subject matter experts, instructional designers, content editors, and authors in Higher Education publishing. Specialists are interviewed and pre-qualified for roles in online education projects, textbook revisions, targeted content analysis, supplementary content creation, and peer review. EA has a full-service team of experts solely focused on diversity and inclusion in educational content, and on improved systems for ongoing sensitivity  


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