Trust & Safety

Consumers use online platforms as they are perceived to be trustworthy and safe. However, platform owners face a constant challenge to keep them 100% secure. A minor missed detail can lead to a high customer-insult rate, eventually shrinking the customer base. Lumina Datamatics is continually evolving its technology and processes to enable its clients to make their platforms safer. The keys to trustworthy and secure platforms include improving customer experiences, mitigating financial losses on fraud, reduce chargeback losses, better product compliance, and brand image protection.


The presence of more sellers means a broader selection of services and products. However, there is an increased probability of risk and abuse with every new seller – unauthorized sale, recopies, misleading, quick fraud, diverting sales, etc. Based on their performance and product qualities, the sellers’ credit is necessary to mitigate bad debts and reconcile account statements. The sellers’ performance directly impacts consumer experience and has to be monitored continuously for Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF). Hence, our seller solution services are designed to improve the seller performance and protect the marketplace from potential fraud and abuse.


  • Seller Risk Investigation
  • Seller Credit Review
  • Performance Investigation
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring
  • Know Your Customer
  • Product Quality Investigation
  • Seller Appeal Support

Buyer frauds continuously hit marketplaces—bank-account takeover, triangulation, hit and run, reshipment, etc. These patterns, although identiable by fraud systems, are not 100% accurate. This results in customer insults, which can impact the brand and hence cause loss of transactional revenue, Life-Time Value (LTV), customer acquisition cost, referral business opportunity, etc. Furthermore, policy abuse results in direct loss of revenue and needs careful processes to identify abuse patterns. Our buyer solutions protect the marketplace against these behaviors.


  • Abuse Risk Investigation
  • Performance Investigation
  • Buyer Appeal Support
  • Buyer_Investigation

    The chargeback process is skewed towards the cardholder’s safety and against the merchant. Owing to this bias, consumers may abuse it. Platforms must review every chargeback claim and dispute irrelevant claims with evidence. Many chargeback claims originate in consumer ignorance. Lumina Datamatics has streamlined the review and the representation process.


  • Chargeback Review Process
  • Chargeback Presentation Process
  • Chargeback_Investigation
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