Merchandising Content Services

Retailers have to build a personal connection with their hyper-connected, digitally-empowered customers. Lumina Datamatics has helped retailers, as their Content Service Provider (CSP), influence their customers and enhance products’ visibility with unique content, faster categorization, and zero plagiarism.

Our taxonomy management solution and proprietary platform help e-retailers build a well-structured, unambiguous, and easy-to-understand schema that ensures smooth navigation among product categories and improves customer experience.

On the one hand, we have helped retailers migrate from physical stores. On the other hand, they helped established ones add new lines of products with our tools that help lessen complexities and make product categorization easier.

Our Services include:

  • Unique Product Descriptions
  • Catalog Building and Management
  • Product Attribution
  • Schema Creation
  • Taxonomy Support
  • Imaging Services

Image Adaptation Services

Retailers, eCommerce, and Realty companies have voluminous image requirements across online and offline channels. Right from vertical digital banners, product images to assorted print catalogs, we help retailers with a scalable model that enables them to address their large image production/conversion requirements. Background removal, color corrections, skin tone adjustments, ghost mannequin, 2D/3D realistic images are all projects that Lumina Datamatics has handled at scale.

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