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With a large customer base at stake, Marketplaces do need a reliable partner with bespoke solutions that meet their business needs and outsource specific processes that help them focus on their core competencies. Lumina Datamatics works with Marketplaces globally to understand and provide solutions in specific areas mentioned here.

Our Market Intelligence Services help perform seller and competition audits that help marketplaces strategize for building new categories, assortment, or seller base.

Our Seller Acquisition Services help identify new and existing sellers that can be leveraged to improve category or market performance.


Get the 24X7 Customer Support Team to manage your Seller & Customer L1/L2 Support, which usually forms over 80% of your seller and customer queries. 


Marketplaces face the challenge of moderating catalogs uploaded by sellers to ensure no pornography, banned items, and Arms/Ammunitions are added to a catalog. They also have to monitor the feedback posted by Buyers. Lumina Datamatics has Content Moderation Services to manage this critical process that helps marketplaces keep legal issues at bay.


Content defines user experience, and Lumina Datamatics’ Product Content Services help you put your catalog along with the images, product descriptions, and other key attributes that help customers make better buying decisions.


Item Setup improves efficiency and scale of item setup without sacrificing quality. Choose a partner to audit vendor data for accuracy and completeness and to meet channel strategy standards. Find a partner in Lumina Datamatics for managing an end-to-end item set up process that includes product categorization, attribution & enhanced product Information.


For every strategic or Tactical Sale, Operations, or Marketing strategy, you need a large amount of data. Lumina Datamatics Data Aggregation Services will provide this and also give you more insight into that data… 

For marketplaces, the success of new seller lies in how secure is their onboarding and hand-holding to get their catalogs up and resolve all their queries in the first five months. Lumina Datamatics works with marketplaces as their Seller-Onboarding partner

 Lumina Datamatics offers its customized ADAT Platform to provide bespoke RPA tools to acquire data at low turnaround times.


Our Pro-Match Platforms offer accurate product matching between multiple competitors across the same and similar products.


Sellers need Marketing Support to improve business and visibility on a Marketplace. Lumina Datamatics has trained teams to provide these teams for multiple locations and marketplace platforms.


Give your Technology teams the support they require in getting Training Data for AI-ML Tools. Additionally, Lumina Datamatics also provides offshore technology resources during critical seasonal spikes. 

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