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With more consumers going online for convenience and searching for deals, their main expectation remains a good buying experience, informed purchase decisions, and a reason to stay loyal.

Lumina Datamatics works with ecommerce companies globally to understand and provide solutions in specific areas mentioned here:

Content defines the user experience and Lumina Datamatics’ Product Content Services enhances catalogs with images, product descriptions, and other key attributes to enable customers to make better buying decisions.
Augmented Reality services have revolutionized ecommerce and brought customers closer to an in-store experience. From building platforms to manage your virtual store to improving ground retail experience or building entire 3D libraries of your products, Lumina Datamatics does all this and more.
Competitor intelligence is your most important tool for online success ranging from price intelligence to new promotions and managing your assortment gap. Lumina Datamatics works as your extended arm to provide actionable insights with cutting-edge tools that help analyze data.
For every strategic or Tactical Sale, Operations, or Marketing strategy, you need a large amount of data. Lumina Datamatics’  Data Aggregation Services will provide this and also give you more insight into that data.
Going beyond your direct channels and providing options to customers can be a rewarding strategy. It also provides an additional avenue to liquidate unsold inventories. Lumina Datamatics works as your Multi-Channel Product Listing partner.
Get the 24X7 Customer Support Team to manage your L1/L2 Support, which usually forms over 80% of your customer queries.
Lumina Datamatics’ Image Adapatation Services helps ecommerce providers set up their offshore Imaging team to help improve quality of digital assets, enhance customer experience and maintain consistency across the website. The imaging team manages image editing and manipulation, color correction, retouching, Ghost Mannequins and 3D Image rendering.
Give your Technology teams the Support they require in getting Training Data for AI-ML Tools.
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