Pro-ViewAR – Augmented Reality Solution

Supermarkets or large retail stores are massive mazes of stacked products. Customers could have difficulties navigating through them to find a specific product. While the customer has multiple choices at their disposal, they’re often confused about which product they wish to buy.

The customer needs specific product details – color, size, availability, price, ingredients, vegan / non-vegan, fat content, etc. – to make informed buying decisions, which increases revenue. If non-existent, a lack of information results in loss of sales.

This problem could arise at any place at any time. For instance, international customers visiting local stores may face language challenges while communicating with floor sales assistants. As a result, the customer doesn’t get the information.

Floor sales personnel are on the front lines supporting heavy inbound floor traffic. Their role becomes more important during peak seasons. Furthermore, ensuring they achieve a more significant customer satisfaction level, which requires extensive training on every product on the shelf.

With these multiple variables proving to be obstacles, retailers would have to invest in an Augmented Reality framework and applications that enhance product discoverability, improves customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

How does it work?

To improve retail sales and boost the in-store customer experience, Lumina Datamatics has created the Pro-ViewAR app, which provides many ways to enhance product discoverability. This includes:

  • Customers can directly upload his/her shopping list, start the app’s Search Mode, and guide them to the location where the product is stacked.
  • Customers can access complete store inventory through the app for product availability and place to reach that point. Search patterns are made customizable to their needs. 
  • In-store clients can point their mobile devices at a specific product to get detailed product information. This includes online/offline reviews, product ratings, as well as detailed product information. 
  • Pro-ViewAR’s cross-selling capabilities provide multiple options to improve the Omnichannel experience for enhancing customers’ buying decisions. 
  • Alternative available products for non-available products can be displayed, thereby ensuring a higher ROI.
  • Retailers can incorporate In-store promotions and real-time product marketing, and personalized deals based on customer behavior into the app.  
  • Retailers will have access to a dashboard on the cloud for the backend management. 

For the Retailer:

The retailer has a dashboard on the cloud to manage the complete backend.

Pro-View Product Features:


Pro-ViewAR allows customers to find products in the store, discover new products, and get detailed product information, etc. Getting Right product details will help customers make informed buying decisions. This layer can be connected to Google search, Youtube videos, Quora, etc.

Seamless Integration

Pro-ViewAR can be easily integrated with the existing Retail systems / E-commerce stores, etc. to ensure a fluid customer experience. Seamless integration allows us to directly extract product information from PIMS / Product Masters, product availability, categories, customer information, etc.
Product Locations and Deals will be extracted from the POS / Retail Management system, etc., Reviews can be extracted from an online review engine, Social sites, eCommerce store, etc.

Marketing & Advertising

Pro-ViewAR helps retailers send our regular product communications to the customer on regular deals, new launches, stock sales, etc. Cross-Sell and Up-sell Push layers will help in increasing sales.
Blogs, Linked Products Listing – Like Recipe Buying or Look Buying – etc. all will further add to sales. Popping general deals in the augmented layer, creation of personalized deals and coupons, etc. will lead to larger ARPU.


Our app allows for a personalized experience. These features that can be incorporated are Multi-language supports, Personalized Buying Recommendations, based on buying history, preferences, etc.

Customer Engagement & Interaction

Pro-ViewAR allows constant customer engagement by giving customers as many options as possible (sizes, colors, styles, accessories, similar products, etc.). This increases their interest in products and a greater chance to strike a sale. Personal Avatar and Chatbot integration replace the need for sales personnel on the floor. Our Newer Releases will include NLP and NLG to talk to customers through their mobiles directly.

Safety and privacy

Our Cloud Integration protocols follow a high level of ethics, privacy laws, and compliance to ensure that your data remains protected. You and your customers can manage how much information will be accessed and shared.

User Friendly

All your customers will be able to use the Pro-ViewAR app without any prior knowledge or training. The UI / UX has been designed to be highly intuitive for customer use, with the same native mobile experience that they experience elsewhere.

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