Pro-Mod – Content Moderation Solution

In the online world, problems are recurring. Issues like cyberbullying, hate speech, abuse, and other forms of abusive content are frequently a threat to any online space. Moreover, scams are perpetrated, leading to a loss of revenue and destroying a company’s brand in the process. 

Whether its text, image, video and documents, it remains a constant threat as millions of people could be accessing your platform at any given time. Like in any business, content is king. If the content isn’t moderated effectively, the risks only grow.


Lumina Datmatics’ Pro-Mod solution harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trained live-moderators on one unified platform. The technology moderates content with a high probability of removing undesirable content, limiting the volume that requires human review. Moreover, it allows companies to moderate, filter, and review all your content in real-time with the aid of human moderators. This solution comes in:

  • Pro-Mod Platform: Main AI technology platform
  • Pro-Mod API: Direct plug-in solution for a retailers’ existing software/tools using API Requests
  • Pro-Mod Customized: Custom-built Machine Learning (ML) Models
  • Pro-Moderators: Personalized Live Human Moderators available 24x7x365 

How does it work?



AI-Based Moderation

Use Lumina Datamatics’ AI Models to plug & play or custom training models based on business data.

Customizable Features

Manage the unwanted content with customizable filters to match site rules, ensuring the required quality.

Human Moderation Interface

Lumina Datamatics’ user-friendly moderation interface can easily handle complexities associated with content w.r.t. country, content, or brand-specific nuances.

Insights and Analytics

Content moderation strategy based on qualified for optimized process and better quality.


  • Scalability: Lumina Datamatics can quickly scale our solution and teams with minimum lead times to match site loads.
  • Reliability: Lumina Datamatics’ teams are dedicated to projects around the clock and are among the most dependable vendors in the field.
  • Seamless: Solution seamlessly gets integrated into the current system without any significant integration efforts.
  • Competitive: Price-effective solution for reduced overhead costs
  • Promptness: High-grade turnaround times to ensure real-time output.
  • Confidentiality: Ensures industry-best compliance for privacy protection.
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