Pro-Chat – Sales Concierge Solution

Large online brand stores or marketplaces have extensive collections of products with SKUs running into thousands of products per category. Navigating through them to find a specific product can be challenging for the customer. This leads to inadequate product attribution as customers use non-standard search terms to look for a product but failing to find the right one leading to a loss of sales and poor online experiences.

While detailed product information makes for informed buying decisions, customers are unlikely to read it in its entirety. Customers tend to abandon their carts in online stores due to incomplete product information and lack of assistance. While in-store experiences have the advantage of a personal sales assistant, the online shopping experience lacks an equivalent.

Online customer needs that personal touch or to be more precise, customer support. Most online stores do have customer chat support, but this system can’t handle today’s customers. More is needed to boost sales and grow profits.


Enter Lumina Datamatics’ Pro-Chat, Machine Learning [ML] enabled chat support solution that addresses challenges with a next-level customer experience utilizing highly qualified domain experts to guide customers to make informed buying decisions. Their expertise includes:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Buying History & Insights
  • Interactive Audio/Video Chat
  • Co-Browsing

How Pro-Chat Platform Works?


Pro-Chat Solution Features:

Omni Channel Communication

Manage all Customer Conversations across different channels- website /mobile application /  social sites / etc. from one unified dashboard.

Seamless Integration

Pro-Chat can be easily integrated into your existing CRM / CMS / Ecommerce Stores / etc.

Audio/Video Chats and Co-Browsing

Pro-Chat allows Audio / Video Chats with Co-Browsing and Screen Sharing, which makes it easier for Concierge to help the customer browse / search and recommend products suited to their needs.

Department Routing

Platform allows Chats to be queued and then distributed to the right Sales Concierge, based on the product domain expertise.  In addition, distribution logic can be set based on traffic, URLs, load, etc.

Bot Integration & Customization

Our Chat Module of the platform allows customization of messages, look and feel, avatars, opening and closing messages, BOT integration for a great level of personalization and user experience.

Customer Analytics

Pro-Chat integrates with your Customer Database and extracts all relevant data required to profile the customer. This helps in customer segmentation and sales pitch. Also, direct links to their social profiles and images which makes it easy to understand the customer personality and looks, particularly very useful for apparels and beauty products.

Journey Mapping

Platform tracks customer browsing, visited product pages, abandon carts in the current session and past, to understand the customer requirement and behaviour.

Customer Buying History / Insights

Pro-Chat provides insights into customer preferences / buying history under following categories – Lifetime / Category-wise / Product wise, which allows the Sales Concierge to make  recommendations, relevant to the customer needs.

ML Augmented Recommendation

Platform’s ML Augmented module provides a list of product recommendations, based on the data,  to the Concierge to be recommended to the Customer while chatting, so as to achieve a greater probability of sale.

Knowledgebase Integration

Pro-Chat allows integration of detailed product lookup knowledgebase, for each individual product, which can be used by concierge to address all customer queries.

Coupon & Discounting System

Rules based discounting system module can be integrated to Pro-Chat, to provide last minute coupons or discounts to the customer to convert sales.

Domain Experts

Concierge are subject matter experts with proactive sales skills to drive customer to buy the product. For instance, we deploy Stylists as Concierges for a Garment / Apparel Companies.

Safety and privacy

Our Platform follows high level of ethics, privacy laws and compliances, to ensure that your data remains protected and you and your customers have the ability to manage how much information to be accessed and shared.

Pro-Chat Benefits:

Increased Customers Engagement Online

Retailers can connect with customers in real time by offering them what they are looking for, with the right information and tools, which will assist them to make an informed decision.

Omni Channel Experience

Customer data and Product data etc. are seamlessly integrated across multiple channels, to give the customer, the same level of experience online that he is used to offline. Pro-Chat leverages customer buying history and preferences both from online and offline to make buying recommendations, clubbed with customer requirements.

Increase Sales Conversion driving Increased Revenue

Discoverability, Concierge Recommendation, Upsell & Cross-Sell Recommendations, Personalization, Linked Product Recommendation, Deals & Promotions Push, Product Queries support in Real-time, etc. All will help increase the ARPU by tapping customers’ needs and investing into this revolutionary Platform, should increase customer engagement, hence loyalty, which will motivate more buying.

Abandon Cart Reduction

Customer will have access to the required information and product comparison details. In addition, this Solution will provide required personalization and affirmation to his buying intent to drive sales, which will reduce the abandon cart.

Save Time

Customer will be able to get product information quickly with live assistance, which will save lot of their time and energy and make quick informed buying decisions.

Build Customer Loyalty & Develop Trust

You will start gaining customer loyalty for your brand with personalized chat conversations and live customer engagement tools. You will be also exceeding Customer’s expectations by Personalized Services, thereby develop lasting relationships.

Acquire More Customers

Personal Proactive Interaction helps in converting leads from visiting customers, much faster and in-real time than any other tools available.

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