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eBook Conversion Services

Lumina Datamatics is a proud partner of Ingram eBook conversion services for more than a decade. We have worked on multiple projects and new initiatives, serving more than 300 publishers fulfilling varied and complex conversion requirements. We handle eBooks separately and as part of our full suite of book services, enabling the publishers to deliver multiple formats simultaneously in a quicker and cost-efficient manner.


  • Reflow, Fixed, Multimedia, Interactive 
  • Complex, Design, Illustrations & Math
  • ADA Compliance & Digital Accessibility
  • Alt Text Writing & Review


  • Customized Specs & Workflows
  • Online Tracking Portal
  • Dedicated Technology Team
  • Quick TAT & Scalable Model

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Benetech Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) Vendor

Lumina Datamatics is a certified GCA vendor that creates and converts content equally accessible to learners of all types. Our services include: 

  • Writing, reviewing, and quality assurance of closed captioning and audio transcriptions (including narration)
  • Ingestion or embedding of closed captions and/or transcripts into media assets
  • Authoring, editing, and quality assurance of alternative text descriptions
  • ADA-compliant PowerPoint creation for clear readability via text-to-speech function
  • Accessibility review and conversion (InDesign, PDF, MS Word, etc.)
  • Accessibility testing for text-to-speech software, like JAWS and NVDA
  • Website accessibility review and conversion
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