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Closed Captioning

  • Writing
  • Reviewing
  • Audio transcription
  • Ingestion into media assets

Alt Text Descriptions

  • Authoring
  • Editing
  • Quality Assurance

Text-to-speech Functionality

  • ADA compliant PPT creation
  • Clear readability
  • Testing for JAWS and NVDA

Image Recognition

  • Color compliance
  • Adaptability
  • Website accessibility review and conversion

Stats You Need to Know

Benetech Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) Vendor

Lumina Datamatics is a certified GCA vendor that creates and converts content equally accessible to learners of all types.


  • Benetech’s GCA certification is the first-ever US independent third-party with a digital accessibility global certification program.
  • The program helps publishers adjust their workflows to ensure that their content is accessible from the start.
  • Benefits include:
    • Increased market share.
    • Improved discoverability.
    • Decreased remediation costs.
  • Becoming certified accessible could help you reach the requirements put forth by the European Accessibility Act. European content creators have until June 2025 to achieve compliance.



What is Arty?

Arty is a web-based platform to create and manage alt text on images through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms!

Cloud-based anywhere access

AI-powered to improve TAT

Diversity and sensitivity checker

Image similarity index

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